'The Vamp is a gadget which allows traditional hi fi speakers to communicate with today’s world of portable digital devices, allowing them to be used in the house, the garden or the park – in fact, anywhere. Old speakers can now be transformed into a portable Bluetooth speaker – for as little as £35*.' -Paul Cocksedge Studio

The asymmetrical ‘Fractal’ Table


Fractal Table from Niche London on Vimeo.

Symmetry is great but asymmetry can bring an interesting visual discord. When designing the Fractal Table we wanted to create something which produces a seductive change in the silhouette as you walk around the table.

The stove enamel welded steel may remind us of the classic Eames style but three leg structure gives it an interesting distinction.

photo: Another great design from Keybrid.

Another great design from Keybrid.

An analog, secure way to store data. A project by Dialog05

Holga. D. by Saikat Biswas

Undoubtedly, a very exciting prospect.

photo: Jonas Damon
photo: Singgih Kartono

'E. chromi is a collaboration between designers and scientists in the new field of synthetic biology. In 2009, seven Cambridge University undergraduates spent the summer genetically engineering bacteria to secrete a variety of coloured pigments, visible to the naked eye. They designed standardised sequences of DNA, known as BioBricks, and inserted them into E. coli bacteria.

Each BioBrick part contains genes selected from existing organisms spanning the living kingdoms, enabling the bacteria to produce a colour: red, yellow, green, blue, brown or violet. By combining these with other BioBricks, bacteria could be programmed to do useful things, such as indicate whether drinking water is safe by turning red if they sense a toxin.’ Echromi

A hilarious yet ingenious design by BikeButterfly